Great Job, Internet!: Watch your vote die of dysentery along The Voter Suppression Trail

As November 8 nears, there have been numerous accounts of voter suppression, i.e., concerted, malicious efforts to prevent people from casting ballots. A team from The New York Times has managed to turn this sad and anti-democratic political phenomenon into an interactive video game called The Voter Suppression Trail. Created by Chris Baker, Brian Moore, and Mike Lacher, this fully playable game is an affectionate parody of The Oregon Trail, a classic bit of educational 1970s software that has been remade every few years since. Whereas the goal of the original game was to lead a group of settlers from Missouri to Oregon via covered wagon, the goal of this one is simply to cast a ballot in the 2016 presidential election. Should be easy, right? Not necessarily.

The Voter Suppression Trail (Screenshot:

The player has the choice of three onscreen avatars: a white programmer from California …

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