Great Job, Internet!: Watch this compilation of David Letterman’s best, weirdest guests

It’s the end of an era tonight, as David Letterman says goodbye to the Late Show. Plenty of words have been compiled in the last few weeks describing Letterman’s legacy in terms of comedy and late night talk shows, so there’s not much else to say. The man is a monumental, once in a generation talent, and his incarnation of the Late Show will be missed.

To soothe the pain of Letterman’s departure from the late night scene, WorldWideInterweb has put together a video compilation of some of the host’s most memorable guest moments. Watch as he asks a heavily-bearded Joaquin Phoenix what his time with the Unabomber was like and barely hides his disdain for Paris Hilton while poking fun at her time spent in “the slammer.” And of course there’s Crispin Glover showing off his feats of strength. Deadpan, funny, and always …

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