Great Job, Internet!: Watch this brilliant They Might Be Giants/ Wizard Of Oz mashup

Leave it to a They Might Be Giants mega-fan to make the Pink Floyd/The Wizard Of Oz mashup Dark Side Of The Rainbow feel absolutely passé. They Might Be Giants Of Oz, a video posted by the appropriately mysterious YouTube channel TMBG OZ, envisions The Wizard Of Oz with a career-spanning soundtrack of TMBG songs. The results, unsurprisingly, tend to be as clever and subtle as the band’s music: using the labor-skewering “Minimum Wage” for Miss Gulch’s first appearance in the movie; “Dr. Worm” to announce Professor Marvel; “Birdhouse In Your Soul” as Dorothy arrives in Oz; and “I Should Be Allowed To Think” to represent the Scarecrow. And, of course, Flood‘s “Twisting” marks the appearance of the mighty, life-uprooting tornado. The Wizard Of Oz was already a whimsical movie, but having They Might Be Giants in the background makes it an unqualified delight. In fact …

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