Great Job, Internet!: Watch the Peanuts gang react to the The Peanuts Movie trailer

When the first trailer dropped for The Peanuts Movie, people weren’t sure to make of it. A CGI-animated version of beloved hand drawn characters was one thing to get used to, but then there were all the odd music cues to swallow alongside these aesthetic changes. (“Baba O’Riley?” Really?) But never mind what the general public thought of the trailer, what of the original Peanuts gang? What is their take on this latest cinematic incarnation of Charles Schulz’s cast of characters?

There’s no more need to wonder as Vulture has put together a remixed video in which the classic Peanuts characters react to the new trailer. The reaction is not positive, especially to the various music cues. Amidst all of the various worried faces and cries of “UGH!,” there’s a group of disenchanted children horrified by what is unspooling before them. Are they overreacting to …

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