Great Job, Internet!: Watch Norm Macdonald and Dave Letterman chit-chat for an hour about comedy and the state of late-night

Post-retirement, Dave Letterman continues to be selective (possibly even elusive) about where he pops up. A Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction here, a climate change documentary there, sure, but it’s rare to see him just shoot the breeze anymore. Which is why it was so invigorating to see Letterman mix it up with his old pal Norm Macdonald this week, on the third-season premiere of Macdonald’s video podcast.

Macdonald and Letterman—both of whom worked for years to make the world of late night a weirder, less predictable beast—talked about a number of topics in their complementing deadpan styles, but often circled back to the talk show game itself. At one point, Letterman derided the concept that the average talk show host is a “star,” saying it’s why he never put his own name in the Late Night title. “I was embarrassed,” Letterman said …

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