Great Job, Internet!: Watch Naomi Watts do something besides yell “Dougie” with this primer on global slang

Naomi Watts is one of the shining lights of the new season of Twin Peaks, finding unexpected dimensions within a trite suburbanite house-wife archetype and tirelessly innovating new ways to say the name “Dougie.” Seriously: At least 70% of her lines include her tearing into that stupid name, and killing it every time, often while playing opposite Kyle MacLachlan doing his best impression of a houseplant. While she has played a couple of deeply American roles for the deeply American director David Lynch, she is actually an English actress who got her start working in Australian film. As a reminder of this, Vanity Fair had the actress buzz through some slang from the two regions, which also serves as a reminder of how wonderful that slang can be:

While “flat to the boards” and “rabbit on” are both wonderful terms on their own, the clear showstopper here is the Australian …

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