Great Job, Internet!: Watch La La Land’s opening number rehearsed in a nondescript parking lot

Even those not quite sold on La La Land as an awards darling have to admit that the freeway-set one-shot opening number is pretty damn impressive. And now the filmmakers are offering a glimpse at the rehearsal process for “Another Day Of Sun.” The dance was rehearsed in an L.A. parking lot with director Damien Chazelle mapping out shots on his iPhone. The video starts with a few seconds of footage of Chazelle walking backward to shoot the rehearsal footage before it switches to his iPhone camera perspective. The video even helpfully contrasts Chazelle’s rehearsal footage with the final scene, which plays out in a box in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

There are some small blocking and casting differences and the rehearsal is pared down in scope, but for the most part Chazelle really manages to capture his vision even in iPhone form. It …

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