Great Job, Internet!: Watch Jeff Goldblum and Sarah Silverman adorably sing “My Shadow And Me”

Sometimes it seems like the only thing famous people do is get together with their famous friends to do cool shit (case in point: Taylor Swift and her endless posse of celebrity cohorts). The latest unexpected celebrity duo to document their friendship via online content is Sarah Silverman and Jeff Goldblum, who decided to record their own version of the jazz standard “My Shadow And Me.”

On her YouTube channel Silverman describes the video as: “The morning Jeff Goldblum came over and we sang at my piano.” They change some of the lyrics to reflect their friendship and show off the charming chemistry that keeps inspiring people to cast them as love interests (as in their compromising guest turns on an episode of The League and Silverman’s failed comedy pilot). They actually sound quite nice together, particularly on the harmonies, plus they’ve totally mastered the Rat Pack-style riffing …

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