Great Job, Internet!: Watch Chris Hemsworth dog the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Chris Hemsworth has slowly emerged as the Marvel cinematic universe’s MVP, with the Thor actor’s ability to pivot between badassery, pathos, and sharp one-liners getting better with each appearance. Still, some might say he remains an unappreciated part of the MCU, a perspective he confronts head-on in a new clip posted to his Instagram.

Instagram Embed

After stumbling upon a set of Marvel toys, Hemsworth takes exception to the lack of the Thor doll (and his exclusion from Captain America: Civil War), then summons his handy Mjolnir to show what would really happen were the Asgardian to take on his fellow Avengers. Surprise: It involves him batting away the likes of Iron Man and Captain America while taking shots at the likes of Hawkeye and Star-Lord (“Guns?” he says to the latter. “Guns aren’t cool.”)

“He’s just a kid, he can fall over,” he says of …

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