Great Job, Internet!: Watch Blossom’s Mayim Mialik reunited with her big dumb hat

Blossom was a fitfully amusing NBC sitcom that ran for five seasons in the early ‘90s. It starred Mayim Bialik—currently of CBS’ Big Bang Theory—as a quirky, suburban teenager coming of age in a house full of men, though it’s essentially remembered for two things: 1) a dude who said “whoa”; and 2) hats. Blossom is credited with popularizing the floppy hat, namely ones with huge, garish flowers on them.

Bialik, like most of America, eventually outgrew the trend, but a recent episode of Good Mythical Morning forced her to revisit her past as a fashion tastemaker. During a round of “What’s On My Head?”, a game that asks guests to guess what unconventional item is atop their noggin, hosts Rhett and Link bucked convention by actually putting a hat—with customary flower—on her head. It isn’t long before Bialik seems to figure out …

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