Great Job, Internet!: Watch an unnerving, mostly nude man do the tablecloth trick

There is not a lot of supplemental information needed in these clips of a man doing the tablecloth trick. You know the one: A table is set up with meticulous dinnerware, maybe a tall candelabra and a whole roasted chicken or something spread out on the table, and then the trickster yanks the whole cloth out quickly enough to leave everything standing exactly where it was, maybe with a slight shudder to the flames of the candle. This man is doing that trick.


— ウエスP (@uespiiiiii) July 15, 2017

But he’s naked.


— ウエスP (@uespiiiiii) June 10, 2017

And listening to Daft Punk.


— ウエスP (@uespiiiiii) July 1, 2017

And taking it very seriously (wait for the eye contact at the end).


— ウエスP (@uespiiiiii) July 15, 2017

And, um, at a dinner …

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