Great Job, Internet!: Watch an earnest, doe-eyed Seth MacFarlane explain his new show Family Guy

Long before the show was cancelled, revived, and quoted word-for-word by your college roommate, Family Guy was just a highly anticipated new cartoon straight from the mind of a fresh-faced RISD grad with some wacky ideas. Now, thanks to the time machine known as the internet, we can relive those innocent days via the Fox Files profile of the Family Guy creator and star, Seth MacFarlane, which aired one week before the show’s premiere.

With Family Guy currently in its fifteenth season, it’s bizarre to look back at a time when its characters and premise seemed fresh and cutting edge. Peter Griffin is described as “sort of an animated Archie Bunker,” while Stewie is marveled over for simply existing (a talking baby? with ray guns?!?).

But, perhaps the weirdest part about taking this trip back to 1999 is seeing 25-year-old Seth MacFarlane, complete with Coke bottle glasses and …

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