Great Job, Internet!: Watch a Ukrainian orchestra play the Game Of Thrones theme in a steel mill

During its opening title sequence, Game Of Thrones cleverly combines exposition with aesthetics as the camera pans across a map of Westeros and reveals which locations will be visited in that particular episode. It’s become an iconic part of the show, but one group of innovative Ukrainian musicians have found an even more visually stunning way to present Ramin Djawadi’s catchy score: in front of the open flames of a steel mill.

The video was filmed at the Ilyich Iron And Steel Works in Mariupol, Ukraine and features a local chamber orchestra called Renaissance. The whole thing is incredibly surreal, not least of all because open flames and sparks keep shooting out around the serene musicians. Add to that the fact that the women are decked out in floor-length red skirts and the whole thing becomes equal parts eerie and beautiful. Now all we need is an Icelandic …

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