Great Job, Internet!: Want to watch a terrier pop 100 balloons in under 40 seconds?

Twinkie, a feisty Jack Russell terrier from California, either dearly loves or desperately hates balloons. Either way, the animal has a talent for popping the inflatable playthings and has pursued this avocation with a focus and a determination that few human beings could manage to apply to any task. In fact, by virtue of popping 100 balloons in just 39.08 seconds, Twinkie is now a Guinness-certified world record holder. None of this is random or accidental. Twinkie is the four-legged protégé of professional animal trainer Doree Sitterly, who also owned and trained Anastasia, a previous record-holder in this category and (not coincidentally) Twinkie’s mother. Apparently, teaching dogs to pop balloons is a more popular pursuit than one might assume. When Guinness posted a video of Twinkie to its YouTube account, for instance, it made sure to include a clip of yet another previous record holder in this hotly …

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