Great Job, Internet!: Voice actor Joe Alaskey was also a damned good impressionist

Actor Joe Alaskey, who died on Wednesday at the age of 63, was best known for his voice work in film and television, playing memorable roles like the irrepressible Plucky Duck on Tiny Toon Adventures and The Plucky Duck Show, and even inheriting, for a time, the roles of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck in such latter-day productions as 2003’s Looney Tunes: Back In Action. But before he got into cartoons in the mid- to late 1980s, scoring the roles of Yosemite Sam and Foghorn Leghorn in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, the New York-born Alaskey was a stand-up comic, impressionist, and character actor. He also had a recurring role on the live-action sitcom Out Of This World from 1987 to 1991.

Many impressionists have “signature characters,” like Rich Little’s Johnny Carson or Frank Caliendo’s John Madden. While Alaskey’s repertoire included Woody Allen, Don Knotts, William Shatner …

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