Great Job, Internet!: Vintage blooper reel proves news reporters are only human after all

Thanks to the shenanigans of fake anchormen like Ron Burgundy and Brian Williams, it’s easy to think that the men and women of the news are remote, inaccessible, and inauthentic. But that’s simply not the case, and The Daily Dot has the footage to prove it.

In a case of Great Job, VCR!, somebody culled through thousands of hours of news footage from the ‘80s and ‘90s, assembling a montage of poor timing, panicked gasps, unintentional innuendo, and some good old off-the-cuff casual F-bombs. So, behold these men and women of the news, and appreciate that every body makes mistakes. Remember, it doesn’t matter how professional you are, sometimes all it takes is a hot mic, a dead earpiece, or a box containing a giant rubber dong to undermine your integrity. In a cruel twist of irony, sad foibles have provided these local reporters and anchors with …

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