Great Job, Internet!: Video suggests Emma Stone should be the new Spider-Man

Boy, that last Spider-Man franchise went off the rails quickly, huh? Just two movies in and pfffffft. Even star Andrew Garfield apologized for his lackluster performance as the friendly neighborhood web-slinger. Maybe what the series needed was a whole lot less of Garfield’s Peter Parker—ideally, none at all—and a whole lot more of Emma Stone’s awesome Gwen Stacy. A new fantasy trailer from New York Magazine‘s Vulture Remix series, Spider-Gwen, nimbly demonstrates what a female-led Spider reboot might be like. The underlying premise is anything but novel, as there has been a Spider-Woman in comics since 1977, and the character even had her own eponymous ABC series in 1980. But Spider-Gwen has something extra: the undeniable charisma of Emma Stone. Vulture‘s reimagining of the franchise casts a super-powered Stone as a young woman who decides to use her extraordinary arachnid abilities to fight crime …

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