Great Job, Internet!: Victorious hedgehog celebrated with appropriately triumphant Photoshop battle

For most people, a picture of a cute animal in a funny pose is just that. They’ll glance at it on Twitter or whatever, they’ll smile, and then they’ll move on with their lives. To Reddit, though, a cute animal in a funny pose is a challenge. It means that it’s time for the Photoshop-adept to stretch out their fingers and work some magic, which is exactly what happened when a Reddit user going by GipsyKing79 offered up a photo of cute hedgehog hoisting up his tiny fist in triumph and challenged other Redditors to Photoshop Battle. (You can see the original above.)

Mashable pulled out some of the best entries, including this guy making the game-winning catch:

(Image: Reddit, Ledardsauvage)

This little guy who knows the answer:

(Image: Reddit, THEToASTNINJA)

The cutest version of Sonic The Hedgehog:


The new king of the Pride …

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