Great Job, Internet!: Ultimate troll Shigeru Miyamoto says Link’s full name is “Link Link”

If there’s one thing the Super Mario Bros. movie was good for, it was settling a long-standing dispute among video game geeks: Does Mario have a last name, and if so, is it also Mario? After all, the game is called Mario Bros., which implies the iconic plumber’s name is Mario Mario. In the movie, there’s a scene where Bob Hoskins’ Mario and John Leguizamo’s Luigi are being booked at a police station and profess that, yes, Mario is their last name. Years later, Mario’s creator, the legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, would tell Game Informer that this was just a joke written for the movie, and not a piece of official Nintendo-sanctioned Mario canon. But in a move that was surely designed just to screw with us nerds who obsess over this kind of meaningless minutiae, he’d later reportedly reverse course on that …

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