Great Job, Internet!: U.S. founded on beer, should keep drinking

Would Congress actually get its shit together if beer was available on the floor of the House and Senate? Illustrator and animator Drew Christie thinks so. In this brief political history of beer, he suggests that it’s high time for a new cabinet position, a Secretary Of Beer, created in order to create an even more perfect union.

If “The United States Of Beer” is to be believed, our forefathers were a bunch of functional alcoholics who were probably not sober while penning the Declaration Of Independence and the Constitution. (If Justice Scalia is really serious about the doctrine of originalism, he probably shouldn’t sit down at the bench again without a BAC of at least 1.2) He also claims that Thomas and Martha Jefferson were home brewers at Monticello, making them not only foreparents of America, but also of annoying beer snobs.

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