Great Job, Internet!: Twitter users stop insulting each other so they can insult Twitter itself instead

Twitter got a redesign today! Everyone’s favorite platform for personal branding, performative weirdness, and watching the American political discourse crumble in real-time has undergone a few nips and tucks. Wired writer David Pierce encapsulates the changes well:

Every solid gray icon is now a lighter outline drawing. Headers now appear in bold, to help you navigate more easily. The home icon is still a birdhouse, but it lost the perch—you’ll see just one hole instead of two. A little less bird-y, perhaps? Round avatars help distinguish users from tweets. Retweet and Like counters update in real time, letting you watch tweets go viral. And the reply button gave way to a speech bubble that Twitter hopes is clearer in its purpose.

In short: fewer birds, and many rounded corners. The idea, Pierce writes, is to scale back Twitter’s branding so as to make the platform’s …

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