Great Job, Internet!: Twitter responds to HBO’s gentrification of Sesame Street

Since 1969, Sesame Street has been offering an alternative way for children to learn the basics of math, spelling, grammar, and even cultivate emotional development. While it’s a massive cultural touchstone for children across the socioeconomic spectrum, the program has been especially valuable to lower-income families with limited access. Maybe that’s why the news that Sesame Workshop reached an exclusive deal with HBO is striking a nerve with folks.

As with everything else that happens, everywhere, all the time, Twitter has given immediate voice to the opposition of this move. One only needs to think of branding dissonance between the show that brought you the touching classic episode of Mr. Hooper’s passing, and Entourage, the show that brought you Adrian Grenier and Sasha Grey having sexy times, and the tweets practically write themselves:

All I had growing up on my rabbit-ears tv was Italian news and PBS …

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