Great Job, Internet!: Twin Peaks’ theme song gets remade using Seinfeld’s signature slap bass, is still great

With Showtime’s Twin Peaks arriving on May 21, the internet is sharpening its motherboards in advance of all the edits, subversions, and parodies that will no doubt precede the iconic show before its premiere. One such example has already arrived, and it just might serve as evidence that David Lynch’s inimitable style is resistant to digital tomfoolery.

Musician Maximilian Petrosky has reinterpreted Angelo Badalamenti and Julee Cruise’s yearning, melancholy theme song in the goofy, groovy style of instrumentation made famous by Seinfeld. Yep, the synthesized slap bass and lip pops of Seinfeld‘s opening are interwoven into Badalamenti’s melodies. And guess what? It still works.

Take note: Your memes are no match for Twin Peaks.

[via Welcome To Twin Peaks]

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