Great Job, Internet!: TV reporter gets puked on in harrowing real-life horror film

TV reporter Wendy Burch was sent into the field by station KTLA5 yesterday in order to report on an Hermosa Beach Ironman competition, and what she found herself in was a 90-second vérité horror film that cannot be erased from the mind. It’s a sort of Texas Chain Saw Massacre in miniature, and it ends as harrowingly—and unresolved—as that film.

The premise is straightforward: Burch was tasked with reporting on a competition in which the challenge was to run a mile, paddle a mile, and then chug a six-pack of beer. But as soon as it cuts to her, we know that there is great danger afoot. She’s surrounded by burly, drunk men—“Where’s your beer?” one slurs at her—as we see countless possible sources of danger mingling and chugging beer behind her, recalling the many filmic instances in which the audience is aware …

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