Great Job, Internet!: TV news reporters still found plenty of time to screw up on camera in 2015

This was a difficult and troubling year in many ways, and television journalists spent much of 2015 reporting the unhappiest of headlines to their worried viewers. It is somehow reassuring, then, that news anchors and field reporters alike still had ample time to utter accidental profanities, make adorable children cry, and just generally appear idiotic on the air over the last 12 months. A YouTube channel called NewsBe Funny keeps track of these lapses in judgment on a monthly basis, but the end of a calendar year seems like a good time for an annual omnibus edition, comprising 15 solid minutes of the weirdest and worst that news shows had to offer over the last 12 months. From truly whacked-out interview subjects to uncomfortable sexual innuendos to shocking revelations about Amazon’s business model, it’s all here in this supercut.

For anyone wondering why the world still needs local …

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