Great Job, Internet!: Turtle guts and vulture vomit: Biologists debate the worst smells they’ve ever encountered

Back in March, David Steen, a biologist who specializes in research involving amphibians and reptiles, tweeted out a quick, cheeky request to all his scientist followers: “RT if you’re a field biologist and you’ve ever asked yourself, ‘Why do I smell bad?’” Along with 167 of the retweets he was craving, Steen provoked a few fascinating and truly disgusting anecdotes of the things that were making his colleagues smell awful. If you’re the kind of person who might get squeamish from just reading about nightmarish odors and sights, you might want to turn back. This stuff is next-level gross.

We removed the skeleton from this fin whale in 2003. She’d been dead about 6 weeks. Sometimes I think I can still smell it!

— Jeff W. Higdon (@jeffwhigdon) March 11, 2017

Riding public transport with a bag full of these warm frog carcasses …

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