Great Job, Internet!: Tumblr reimagines popular movie posters using only emoji

If you ask us, emojis have gotten a little out of hand. A lot of them make sense—the expressions and hearts and the poop—but really what are we supposed to do with a little clip art icon of a camel?

The Tumblr Emoji Films has the perfect answer: movie posters. Each image on this Tumblr page takes a well-known movie and recreates the poster using only emoji. Hey, here’s that camel in the Lawrence of Arabia poster.

Photo: Emoji Films

Some are ridiculously simple, like the Mary Poppins poster with only words and an umbrella or The Ring with just a VHS tape.

Photo: Emoji Films

Photo: Emoji Films

Others, like Titanic, are a little more complicated. This one uses four different emoji, one each for Jack and Rose, one for the boat, and a heart to profess their (un)dying love for one another.

Photo: Emoji …

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