Great Job, Internet!: Trump stands next to Darth Vader, provoking brief moment of morbid laughter

A snuffling, heavy-footed tyrant manipulated by sinister forces into being a pitiless machine for autocratic cruelty was photographed next to Darth Vader today. The amusing juxtaposition happened aboard Air Force One, where Donald Trump poked his head into the press cabin during a screening of Rogue One, and quick-thinking AFP staff photographer Jim Watson snapped several shots of Trump’s head next to that of Vader’s. The internet was quick to note that this was very funny, or at least the hollow sort of gallows humor that briefly pierces the ever-present shroud of anxiety that these days envelops us all, provoking the mirthless cackling of the damned.

This photo of Trump and the first Vader scene in “Rogue One” is beyond iconic (📷:: Jim Watson / AFP / Getty Images)

— Hayes Brown (@HayesBrown) April 6, 2017

The fact that Rogue One was screening aboard Trump’s plane was …

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