Great Job, Internet!: Trump disappoints kids, screws up the national anthem at his first Easter egg roll

Donald Trump’s first White House Easter Egg Roll appears to have gone about as well as expected, with the President both forgetting how the national anthem works and heartily disappointing at least one—if not many—children in attendance.

Things got off to a shining start when, as many online viewers noticed, Melania Trump had to nudge the Donald to remind him to put his hand over his heart during “The Star-Spangled Banner.” The subtle moment was captured as a GIF, because that’s how we do things now.

People are laughing after Melania Trump had to remind the President to put his hand on his heart

— BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed) April 17, 2017

Following that gaffe, Trump went on the campaign trail, telling the hundreds of eager, candy-hungry children in attendance that the nation and his administration are “right on track” to …

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