Great Job, Internet!: #TrapCover was the best thing on Twitter this week

Twitter experienced one of its perfect storms of spontaneous, unplanned awesomeness on Thursday night when the hashtag #TrapCover trended for several consecutive hours on the social media site. Scores of users posted their own home-made hip-hop covers of famous pop and rock songs, ranging from “I Got You Babe” to “Let It Go.” The idea here was to turn the tables on all the lame acoustic cover versions of hip-hop songs that have been cropping up on YouTube, utterly robbing the music of its potency. Recently, Beyonce’s “Formation” has been the target of many of these unwanted and ill-conceived covers. If hip-hop songs can be turned into middling folk music, Twitter reasoned, why can’t pop and rock songs be transposed to rap? The resulting #TrapCover phenomenon was created by a Twitter user called Captain Kirk, who started the trend with his own hastily recorded hip-hop remake of Vanessa …

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