Great Job, Internet!: Transfix yourself with a five-minute loop of Morrissey singing “Beefaroni”

Morrissey’s World Peace Is None Of Your Business isn’t exactly a nuanced album, and “I’m Not A Man” fights back against images of masculinity with all of the preaching subtlety of an out-of-control tractor trailer driven by a Gender Studies graduate student. Embedded in his amorphous shopping list of unfavorable male stereotypes are a couple of unintentionally hilarious non sequiturs, the most obvious being “Beefaroni.”

Sure, it falls squarely in line with the singer’s vendetta against industrialized animal slaughter, but come on Morrissey, pick a topic and just stick with it. You can’t just ball up all of your perceived slights into a single piñata of free-association without sounding ridiculous. In the case of John Bent’s Beefaroni remix, exceptionally ridiculous.

Clocking in at five minutes, the construction is minimal. A loop of “Beefaroni,” accompanied by a crying Morrissey fading into Chef Boyardee’s implacable …

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