Great Job, Internet!: Track basketball player pets with NBA Catwatch

Pop stars such as Taylor Swift and Katy Perry openly flaunt the cuteness of their pet cats. Basketball stars? Well, they’re a far more elusive bunch, as the blog NBA Catwatch has discovered. As you might expect from its title, the site aims to chronicle which pro hoops players own cats and, more importantly, the names of said cats. Players such as Charlotte Hornets small forward Nicolas Batum make the site’s job easy, as he’s tweeted photos of his two cats, Biggie and Kim, while Knicks center Robin Lopez has an entire Instagram account dedicated to his furball, Prince Edward Zephyr. (That’s him above lounging in the blankets, in fact.) Spurs star Tony Parker, meanwhile, is keeping the name of his furry feline—or even felines; that’s under investigation, as this post reveals—close to his vest, despite repeated inquiries. Perhaps more impressive, NBA Catwatch …

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