Great Job, Internet!: Tony Stark might be recruiting on Craigslist

Gizmodo did what most of us do on a slow afternoon, and spent some time cruising Craigslist. In a patrol of the usual yard-sale announcements, forlorn-looking personals, and even more forlorn-looking lampshades, the site uncovered a highly irregular classified ad.

Being Framed Need Genetic Engineering Help” has all the warning signs of a Tony Stark cry for help. While Gizmodo and Uproxx are speculating that this is viral marketing, due to the cheeky reference to a “Doctor who is Doomed,” that seems unlikely. After all, as anybody looking for a Fantastic Four/Avengers team-up movie will tell you, licensing restrictions currently prohibit that sort of ensemble. So it’s probably somebody’s idea of a slow afternoon well-spent.

The odds of a Bay-area, recovering-alcoholic billionaire who is not Tony Stark looking for a Ph.D. with experience with genetics and robotics to disprove a frame-up seems thin at best. But …

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