Great Job, Internet!: Tom Holland takes his dog to Homecoming

Although he also happens to be Spider-Man, Peter Parker is still beset with the usual battery of adolescent woes. The superpowered geek has trouble fitting in at school (and in the Avengers), and he pines for girls who might never notice him. Tom Holland, the latest actor to take on the web-slinger’s mantle, will battle those growing pains in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but he had no trouble finding a date for the London premiere of the film. The actor, who previously donned the red-and-blue suit for Captain America: Civil War, walked the red carpet with his dog Tessa, who’d better have a cameo in the Spidey relaunch.

MTV News spotted the adorable date, and, while it isn’t really a slow news day, we’d be damned if we were going to pass up the opportunity to write this headline, or share pictures of Holland and Tessa’s glee …

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