Great Job, Internet!: Today Daniel Craig officially becomes the second-longest tenured James Bond

The future of the James Bond series remains uncertain, with actors ranging from Idris Elba to Gugu Mbatha-Raw rumored to take over the role. (We’ve suggested a couple possibilities already ourselves. Steve Buscemi can do anything, right?) It’s certainly time for a left turn, or at least a move away from “traditionally handsome white dude.” But as of today Daniel Craig is still the traditionally handsome white dude we officially associate with Ian Fleming’s classic character, which puts him at 4,147 consecutive days in the role—exactly one more than Pierce Brosnan’s run, moving Craig into second place overall.

If you’re bothered, today is the day that Daniel Craig becomes the 2nd longest-serving #Bond actor.

— Adrian Stirrup (@adrianstirrup) February 20, 2017

Craig’s first of four Bond films was 2006’s Casino Royale, kickstarting a run of prestige-picture action flicks …

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