Great Job, Internet!: TL;DR: How Netflix’s Big Brother-like system watches you watching it

Netflix’s Tech Blog is where the company posts information and explanations regarding the software that it uses and develops while running the world’s largest streaming site. Unsurprisingly, going from a company that had thousands of people watching occasional films to millions of people watching more than two billion hours of content every month required Netflix to do some serious upgrading. Now, the company has published a piece explaining just how it’s gone from an older system that rapidly became unsustainable to a newer one that can more readily handle all those people viewing Once Upon A Time over and over again. Specifically, how the hell they keep track of where you left off watching Peaky Blinders, and when you start it up again.

Let’s be clear: This is not a fun read for anyone who doesn’t possess some advanced knowledge of current applications for data …

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