Great Job, Internet!: Tiny Jyn Erso gives Death Star plans to every Princess Leia she can find

The real Jyn Erso—or at least the one in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story—got vaporized by the Death Star before she could personally hand the battle station’s plans to Princess Leia, but a little Jyn Erso cosplayer at the recent Star Wars Celebration convention in Florida made up for that by handing Death Star plans to every Leia she could find. Naturally, the results made for some adorable photos:

(Photo: Dino Ignacio, Imgur)

This comes from Nerdist (via io9), which says this Jyn Erso is actually a kid named Harley, and just like in the movie, her Death Star plans were created by her father, Dino Ignacio. You can see a handful of photos of Harley meeting various versions of Leia, and there’s even a photo where she just skips Leia entirely and give the plans directly to R2-D2:

(Photo: Dino Ignacio, Imgur)

(Photo: Dino …

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