Great Job, Internet!: Thomas Lennon released some of his unaired pilots, including Reno 911!

As he recently discussed on the Nerdist podcast, Thomas Lennon and fellow The State alumni Robert Ben Garant and Kerri Kenney-Silver made a lot of failed TV pilots in the period between Viva Variety and the success of Reno 911! Now Lennon has made some of those pilots available to watch online through Nerdist, including the original pitch for Reno, which was thrown together in a month after Fox abruptly cancelled another show Lennon was developing. (The network rejected the Reno pilot, too, but Comedy Central eventually picked it up.) Along with Reno, Lennon also released two other pilots that Fox passed on: Hey Neighbor, a sitcom starring Michael Ian Black, and U.S.S. Alabama, a debauched space opera that Lennon pitched to FX in 2011 and that featured Natasha Leggero and Eddie Izzard.

The Reno 911! pilot makes it clear that the improvised Cops parody was fully formed …

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