Great Job, Internet!: This visual essay explains why CGI sucks (except that it doesn’t)

It’s in fashion to praise the practical effects of modern blockbusters today while spurning the CGI overload of bloated blockbusters past. One of the reasons that Mad Max: Fury Road resonated as much as it did with audiences was that so much of the stunts and action relied on practical, real life moments and not something churned out by a few ones and zeroes in a rendering program. Except…that’s not completely true. Yes, a lot of the stunts in the film were practically enacted, but George Miller still used CGI to add in cars and people, to render landscapes that weren’t actually there, and to help supplement his practical work. So is CGI bad? A new visual essay essentially states that audiences are only sick of CGI because they are sick of bad CGI (it makes more sense in the video).

Rocket Jump Film School crafted …

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