Great Job, Internet!: This video shows how important film colorists are to making a finished movie

We’re currently in the thick of awards season, and the coming weeks are sure to be packed with discussions over which actors, directors, and screenwriters most deserve to be honored for their work. Meanwhile, those toiling in the movie industry’s less sexy professions—the line producers, script supervisors, and key grips of the world—will probably have to watch their better-dressed brethren receive awards from the comfort of their own homes, or at best from a table near the bathroom way in the back of the hall.

This video sheds some light on one of those under-appreciated professions: film colorization. Post-production artists have been manipulating image color since filmmaking began, first by painting individual negatives by hand, then by treating them with chemicals, and finally by touching up digital images with computer programs. With the proliferation of digital cameras, the latter method has become increasingly popular. As the …

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