Great Job, Internet!: This Twitter bot has one weird trick to create clickbait headlines

The rise of Twitter has led to the headline-ification of global knowledge, because no matter how vast or complex an idea is, it must be compressed into a hundred-odd characters to be disseminated over Twitter. Your Twitter feed is probably awash in headlines, with more coming every minute. They spew from official website accounts, or from writers who copy and paste their own stories’ headlines because they’re too lazy to come up with a real tweet:

“Follow the book of blood”: The TV Helper bot tweets strange TV captions

— John Teti (@johnteti) July 27, 2015

“I wrote an article! Click on it and love me forever, please!” Pathetic.

Darius Kazemi‘s Two Headlines bot creates clickbait-style headlines that are devoid of such desperate self-promotion because they cannot, in fact, be clicked. The bot simply takes two headlines from different stories and smushes them into one …

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