Great Job, Internet!: This supercut of every VFX Oscar winner in history is pretty darn mesmerizing

Many people go to the movies to escape, and one of the greatest tools to allow such an escape is visual effects. Whether it’s capturing the world around the viewer in a seemingly realistic way, or depicting some impossible event and location without completely breaking the audience’s willing suspension of disbelief, VFX is a powerful tool in the hands of the right filmmaker. The Oscars haven’t always recognized VFX as its own category, first including it in the ceremony in 1927/28 as an award for “engineering effects,” and it wasn’t until 1963 that the Academy renamed it Award For Best Visual Effects. Whether it’s matte paintings, miniatures, stop-motion, prosthetics, or CGI, these are all powerful weapons in the arsenal of filmmakers that can turn their visions into realities for the audience and leave a lasting impression—even if the film itself is slightly forgettable …

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