Great Job, Internet!: This Super Mario Maker film has got one shell of a trailer

Experiences with Super Mario Maker seem to fall into one of two categories—the whimsical and the sadistic. Both require a fair amount of creative ability; it’s just a question of intent: Do players want to create something sweet and fun or are they more interested in devising impossible-to-finish levels? That same duality is on display in this fake trailer for a movie based on Super Mario Maker, as created by YouTube user Banks. Taking two and a half months to make it, including rendering all the 3-D models, Banks has transformed the creative game into a harrowing psychological test that must be traversed by everyone’s favorite adventuresome plumber.

Using a remixed version of the game’s theme as the soundtrack, Banks (who also plays Mario in the video) does an outstanding job of making it look like Mario really inhabits this world of spikes, Goombas, and fireballs …

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