Great Job, Internet!: This Super Mario Kart hack allows for 101 racers at once

Isn’t it the worst when you have 100 of your closest friends over for an exciting round of Super Mario Kart only to realize that the game only has eight characters, and that the Super Nintendo Entertainment System only has two controller ports? Instead of leaving nearly 100 of your friends out in the cold, they can all play thanks to a strange and beautiful new hack of the game courtesy of Hat-Loving Gamer.

While it seems unlikely that 101 players would be able to provide input at once without the computer exploding as it tries to manage all that activity, a video demonstrating the hack does show a single player competing against 100 other characters. Even Mario Kart 8, the most recent entry of the franchise, has only 30 playable characters, so Hat-Loving Gamer had to get creative and pull some racers from other franchises. Characters seen in …

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