Great Job, Internet!: This SoundCloud account forces Kanye West to slow down a little

As a self-proclaimed “jerkoff that’ll never take work off,” Kanye West probably doesn’t give too much consideration to taking life at a more relaxed tempo. But a highly specialized SoundCloud account called Slow Down Kanye forces the hip-hop mogul to do exactly that. As a producer and performer, West has built a musical empire on a foundation of sampled pop and R&B songs, many of which have been sped up for effect. The resulting high-pitched, Chipmunks-esque sound has practically become West’s signature over the years, both on his own records and those he’s produced for others. What Slow Down Kanye does is take West-produced tracks and play them at the original speed of the songs being sampled. That way, the samples sound normal, but it’s the rapping that sounds weird. Here, for instance, is the account’s version of “Dip-Set Forever,” a track produced by …

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