Great Job, Internet!: This site helpfully tracks if Donald Trump is at Mar-A-Lago right now

It’s difficult and not fun to be the president of the United States—they shouldn’t work constantly, and realistically are better at being the president if they take periodic breaks. All presidents have their escapes, whether it’s Nixon’s affection for Key Biscayne or the Reagans’ retreat to Rancho Del Cielo. Our current president’s choice of respite is his tacky West Palm Beach resort Mar-A-Lago, a golf club where, for the scant price of $200,000, members can watch as the president conducts foreign policy live in the dining room. Play your cards right and you may even get a selfie with the guy who carries the nuclear football!

Still, Trump is spending an awful lot of time playing golf at Mar-A-Lago, especially when you consider that one of his fundamental critiques of President Obama—aside from the questionable nature of his American-ness—was that he …

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