Great Job, Internet!: This remixed version of The Score only features Lauryn Hill

It’s hard to cope when clamoring for new material from a beloved artist. Ever since her MTV Unplugged appearance and album, Lauryn Hill has mostly dropped out of the music scene. She has appeared at a few festivals, had a very short-lived reunion with fellow Fugees members Wyclef Jean and Pras, and released a contractually obligated single, but has mostly stayed away from releasing any new music in the past 14 years. With that lack of material in mind, The Smoking Section‘s Chet Manley decided to remix the 1996 megahit Fugees album The Score. Only this time, like the rest of society, Manley decided to forget about Wyclef and Pras.

Still, in this 26-minute long mix, the two other Fugees pop up in skits, intros, outros, and backing up Hill on songs (“one time!”). But for the most part the focus is solely on the verses of Lauryn …

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