Great Job, Internet!: This remix video takes Freddy Krueger to the dance floor

Wes Craven brought something new and bizarre to the horror genre in 1984 with his classic movie A Nightmare On Elm Street and its iconic bogeyman Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund), a child murderer reborn as a shape-shifting ghoul who invades teenagers’ dreams and murders them from the inside out. And now, that sweater-wearing cretin is featured—complete with his signature hat and razor glove—in a surprisingly dance-friendly new tribute video called “Freddy’s Back” by Melbourne filmmaker Aljojo Mojo. The video is set to the strains of a track called “Andromeda” by an Orange County, California duo called Dance With The Dead. That group’s eerie, throbbing music can be further explored here, here, and here. “Freddy’s Back,” meanwhile, serves as a greatest hits reel for one of the most original, memorable, and disturbing characters to emerge from cinema in the 1980s. For five glorious minutes, Freddy does …

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