Great Job, Internet!: This Quantum Leap parody substitutes alcohol for time travel

For five seasons and 97 episodes, Scott Bakula found himself ricocheting through time and space, inhabiting one body after another, as the hapless Dr. Sam Beckett on NBC’s 1989-93 science-fiction series Quantum Leap. The likewise-named protagonist of “Quantum Drunk,” a parody video from the Irish YouTube channel Danger Farm, experiences pretty much the same thing as his TV counterpart, except he doesn’t need any fancy “quantum leap accelerator” to get the job done. He just needs alcohol and plenty of it. Just like the hero of Quantum Leap, this Sam Beckett frequently wakes up in a total daze, staring quizzically at unfamiliar objects. Only here, there’s no respectable, quasi-scientific explanation for it. He just got blackout drunk the night before, and now he has a Scooby-Doo costume and what seems to be a leg taken from a mannequin. Funny as it is, the video points out how …

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