Great Job, Internet!: This oral history of Something Awful shows the internet at its best and its worst

Vice recently published a comprehensive oral history of the Something Awful forums, and it’s an essential look into how the internet came to be what it is today. If that makes you cringe, you’re not alone: Many of the principle figures interviewed express a sense of ambivalence over the ways that what they created has seeped into the larger culture of the internet, where the elitist smartasses of the SA forums can’t be counted on to do quality control.

Writer Taylor Wofford interviews Something Awful founder Rich Kyanka as well as many of the site’s moderators and administrators, detailing the way the forums grew out of PC gaming before becoming their own source for, well, whatever Kyanka found funny. Fortunately, he had good taste. A shocking number of wide-spread memes originated there, as did the seeds for sites like 4chan, Reddit, and Buzzfeed, all of which …

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